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Al-Quds article re: Kholoud Al-Kurdi, WGSF Forum May 2014

English translation:

London – «Quds Al-Arabi»: awards and honors obtained locally and internationally confirms that Arab women are able to achieve the same in any field as long as it has the capacity available, she designed jewelry and gems expert, Saudi Arabia, Osama Kurdi immortality.
Award-winning best designed jewelry Arabic for 4 years in a row in the competition of the Middle East for watches and jewelry also recently won a woman Jewelry year awards contest of Arab women, and have been classified as one of the top 30 Jewelry Designer global Among the twenty woman the most influential in the field of gold and jewelry.
Professionalism immortality did not come from a vacuum, but it was a dream since childhood entertain so I drew her own way and its will strongly even up to this point. Studied area do you like America which is an evaluation of diamonds and gemstones after studying technical design and management became a professional jewelry design certified after graduating, this was in 2007.
Says immortality in an exclusive interview with «Quds Al-Arabi» while she was in London to participate in one of the exhibitions: After I graduated I worked as director of the Office of Gulf stock exchange diamonds in Dubai and then went to my own project design gems and jewelry has recently participated in the Cannes Film Festival in France, and I commanded the exhibition of which it was a new set of jewelry, as I stayed there as a great concert artists sponsored by House Jewelry Tujur.
On her recent exhibition in London, said: »featuring exhibitions here two tablespoons of jewelry, the first name« Daglammers cents »a winner of the award for Best Jewelry Set creative in the Middle East in 2013, and the second group called« Andalusian »raised recently at the Festival« was »for the first time and where the oldest definitely different in the field of jewelry. It adds «While invented Determined to Make certain it is only one piece and therefore not calculated price quoted for gold and precious stones only, but also includes a technical design that no other piece of it».
According to the immortality of a number of artists fan designs: »singer Asala Nasri love my designs, as well as singer Shireen Abdul Wahab and the same thing for artists Diana Haddad and Nicole Saba and Balkis and the names of the Illuminator and casual fashion Carolina Cricova».
And also confirmed that the Europeans, particularly Russians prefer large-sized gems with unique designs and distinctive.
About the difficulties of the road says immortality: »certainly every success preceded by difficulties, there is no way furnished with flowers, but will power is the key to success and before Taatzll all the difficulties, my happiness grows when I read that an Arab woman young are classified as globally and get prizes in jewelry design».

Mohammed Mohsen

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