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Al-Quds article re: Designer Nazek Al Sabbagh, WGSF Forum May 2014

English translation:

I take care of the dress well before display
Mohammed Mohsen
JULY 5, 2014

London – «Quds Al-Arabi»: «any dress I offer for sale consider an ambassador for my industry so I take care of him well in all phases of the synthesized» .. With these words began to fashion designer Emirati Nazek pigment Speaking with «Quds Al-Arabi» on the sidelines of its participation in one fashion shows in a hotel Great central London.
Nazek pigment coming from the Emirate of Dubai participated with 26 dress in the fashion show last in London, the second fashion show in Britain, says: »We respect our customers, therefore we offer designs distinctive and ores is very good, every piece of our take full right of care and work Savior because we consider it an ambassador for the industry our country and must be different from any other dress ».
She adds: «less dress I have to take at least 7 meters of natural silk or natural cotton, has up to 14 meters, while using some competitors four meters only to manufacture the dress and raw materials, less quality in the hope of gain higher so we are special, we have, drawing on ten Models Britons 26 dress for ingratiating participate in this offer and the reaction was very good and we received from customers, mostly Arabs and some foreigners ».
And talking about the beginning and the challenges they have faced, says: »I am basically a civil engineer, worked for a period after graduating in engineering, I had a hobby of fashion design, in addition to the hobby, the studies of engineering made ​​me closer to the field of fashion design because the study of numbers and sizes and how to work« Simitrih »any proportion and fit between things, the metrics are useful for the aesthetics of any design so began the road with support from the hobby and study, but of course, I faced many challenges, perhaps the most notable local competitors who were in control of the markets, so I thought of scurrying around the world and this idea is the mascot lucky for me, after that participated 11 Fashion Show international in key cities around the world, including Milan, London and Bahrain and other cities, as well as 7 fashion shows local Emirates between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, after that step I felt the successful experience and I can say now that the most difficult step in the journey was scurrying around the world ».
She Nazek that the price of the dress does not mean that the price of raw materials and manufacturing only, but also means that the price of artistic design to him and explains: »I do not repeat any design twice and thus Valvestan be distinctive because its owner will not find like him anywhere and if we want to repeat repeat with another color to be different from the widget original ».
She pointed out that it takes into account naming groups dresses produced by Arabic names distinctive, «the latter group that participated in the bids for London chose her name (Alhsaba), a word that means precious metals that are extracted from the waters of the Gulf, have we called this name because most of the dresses Group inlaid with pearls and embroidered a round-like pearls Gulf, this has been the name of one of the attractions of Arab women who know the meaning and Ajant dresses fit for a group that was displayed ».
The Nazek Sabbagh it recently expanded the work of a new production line for the children of the girls from the age of 6 years to 12 years, a line and find great demand because of its rarity because most fashion designers care about uniforms adult, she considers this product line the culmination of a journey success initiated from Dubai and reached out to several capitals around the world ».

Mohammed Mohsen

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