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Al-Quds article re: Mrs Zainab Al-Farhan Al-Imam, WGSF Forum May 2014

English translation:

Zainab Al-Farhan Al-Imam: My message is to change the negative image of Arabs
Mohammed Mohsen
AUGUST 9, 2014

London – «Quds Al-Arabi»: «Emirati of Iraqi assets, adore public work, I am not afraid of risk, I have confidence infinite in Arab women and my message is to change the mental image of the negative for the Arabs in general and Arab women especially» … so talk Zainab Al-Farhan Al-Imam itself to define the identity and interests and the message carried by through her work as an organization of conferences and sponsor of concerts and other events that are held on the Arab land of London.
The recently organized the third annual conference of Arab women in Britain, which has hosted many successful Arab women in different fields such as scientific research, commerce and management, handicrafts and jewelry trade and fashion design and other areas where women have made remarkable progress Arabic. The Conference achieved success in attracting foreign and held seminars in which the Western world known modern developments witnessed by the Arab lifestyle.
It also organized Imam also a concert Arab and Islamic great occasion of Eid al-Fitr in the field of «Trafalgar Square» central London, in coordination with the British authorities, have been shut down the field for the ceremony throughout the day, and gave a speech congratulated the attendees at the feast and then everyone enjoyed paragraphs lyrical and musical Arab and Indian also due to the presence of Muslims in India and Pakistan during the ceremony.
Says Zainab: I love public action and organizing conferences and seminars, everyone has talent should be developed and interest in them, and I think that I have the talent in the organization of public events such as conferences, seminars, especially in a country like Britain, which is attractive to investors and politicians from around the world, and thus The regulation of activities which help on the definition of the world’s Arabs correctly. We Arabs are not a tent in the desert sand and around beauty, not the environment of terrorism, we are not retarded, that is the negative image of misconceptions promoted by our enemies in order to belittle the role and maximize their role, and I think that the events that I have organized here contribute significantly to correct those negative image.
She adds: »Most events Onzationa be the promotion of Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London and often attend these events many of the British media and Arabic also as well as the interest of the British people and to share us in many events and thus achieved another goal is a new approximation of the distances between the different cultures and promote the spirit of brotherhood humanitarian between peoples ».
She talked about the conference of Arab women third which was organized recently in London, she said: »Thankfully Conference achieved a remarkable success in the definition of the guests Arab women successful in many areas has Achterthen carefully and from different Arab countries, and discovered through research that the Arab states full of really a lot of models honorable and successful , has participated in this conference, dozens of Arab women successful in different areas and all of them, without exception, have achieved success Bjhodhen personal and without the help of one, but this was the luster of the event and its impact on the public, who subsidiary of Arabs and foreigners ».
And the ceremony of Eid al-Fitr, said: »I was responsible for the Arab part during the ceremony, which contributed to its Muslim countries many, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and since the initial preparatory steps be present for an agreement with officials in London about to leave the field for the ceremony singing Islamic throughout the day, and the truth, and we found great cooperation and remarkable British authorities and allowed us Arabs and non-Arab Muslims to shut down the field all day to set up a lyrical and musical events and entertainment for the public celebration of Eid al-Fitr ». And concluded Zainab: I have a lot of ideas and I’m going to organize other events during the coming period. My main goal from behind to change negative stereotypes about Arabs, because the world has changed and we, the Arabs also change us.

Mohammed Mohsen

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