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Eid Festival, Trafalgar Square, London, 2nd August 2014

Asharq Al Awsat article:

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English translation:

Send by email in this crisis through which the Islamic world has spread in the world of Islam phobia Islamphobia that led to the harassment of Muslims in the West. British Muslims scored a wonderful page in the wash this suspicion and raise the banner of «There is no god but Allah» banner civilized islamic cherished human. This happened in the celebrations of Eid al-Fitr, while the flow of about forty thousand people of various nationalities and religions of the Eid festival in Park Burgess Park, the north of England, and several thousands to Trafalgar Square, the pulsating heart of London, to celebrate the occasion. There were bands and singing religious songs which made ​​eulogies and prophetic in addition to the tracks and rhythms of folk pop music. Of course, people have just gone out of the month of fasting, the air reeked of various smells of grilled kebab and kofta and sausage, curry dishes and diverse.Systems in Trafalgar Square «Walk cats» (fashion shows) to the various national costumes and folkloric dresses and innovative design. But it did not, and a lot of women come shine color euphoric adorned in gold and silver and jewels. Gave it all these festivals, which also repeated in other cities, where there are Muslims, swab and flashier festive carnival gone viewers. Despite what has been observed of chagrin and despair because of what he suffered their brothers in Gaza, which inspired some sellers advertise Boosman donating all sales to the victims.Quoted by the British media scenes of these festivals and gave mothers newspapers lead in the first pages. Interestingly, where they were not limited to Muslims, but attended and participated in and enjoyed by other citizens.Have been encouraged by the campaign, including the implications of the lessons. Vmehrjanat of this magnitude requires a lot of organization such as the provision of health facilities and means of ambulances and medical care, garbage collection and security monitoring as well as the electronic equipment necessary for each of the audios and videos. Muslims here have demonstrated their skills and aptitudes of all this. However, that element really encouraging, was the rule of law and order. Than usual for major festivals that marred many of the criminal acts, twitch and thefts and assaults and clashes and acts violating public morality, sugar and drugs and Arbdat, and so on. However, the British police did not have, however, expressed satisfaction with the Muslims what characterized the festivals of respect for and adherence to the rules of ethics and morality. Did not get any criminal acts.This important feature shows where Muslims cultural roots and their adherence to law and order and conduct peaceful, open and their ability to contribute to and enrich their new community. Islam is not a «Daash» nor «Al-Qaeda» nor those of Alinver Alavaqan and terrorists. Islam is a religion is not the religion of building demolition and sabotage. Freedom of religion and the emancipation of the post, here are Muslim girls participate attendance Buthaiabehn euphoric and Macaiajhen authentic. No one is abusing them or Asahin or dictate them. The Muslims are able to organize and deliver what gives the community of pleasures and advantages.

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