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Al-Quds article re: Dr Manahel Thabet, WGSF Forum May 2014

English translation:

Dr. Fountains Fixed: Arab women have a lot to give, but wait ..
Mohammed Mohsen
JUNE 7, 2014

LONDON «Quds Al-Arabi»: It is not true what is said about Arab women in some cultural forums in the West and described lazy sometimes, ignorance and illiteracy other times and subordination third, the mental image with the world must be changed, there are Arab women achievers have made great achievements in their fields different.
«Quds Al-Arabi» opted for one of the many Callahan models superintendent is Dr. Yemeni Fountains fixed, winning a master Ph.D., first in financial engineering and the second in the mathematics of quantum and award-winning «genius General» Actress for Asia for 2013, as she also won the award Science in the Middle East.
Dr. Fountains chose specialized scientifically accurate feared by many men because of the need for the availability of a great deal of intelligence to the student, is a field of mathematics of quantum, and although it has achieved a great success, culminating in two-tone effect Ph.D. in addition to numerous local and international awards, and longer are women the only Arab specialized in this area is difficult, in spite of her young age, it was born in 1981 and all obtaining such Degree Ekprunha not.
Dr. Fountains recently participated in a major conference [WGSF Forum. Ed.] was held in London over two days to discuss the successes of Arab women in many areas such as business management, handicrafts and decorative design and jewelery industry and the areas of fashion design and many other things.
During the conference, a seminar was organized lectured in which all forms of the success of Arab women and penchant for creativity if available, its circumstances and the appropriate atmosphere, also spoke from the perspective of studying the Academy for how to arrange ideas correctly and set goals in order to facilitate the process accessible and achievable later.
Says Dr. Fountains in an interview with «Quds Al-Arabi» on the sidelines of the conference: I did not talk about myself during the seminar because the self-denial is part of the success, and Arab women have a lot to be able to give to this world, but it lacks the chances of the tender, and when she gets her chance to be successful.
She adds: I preferred to talk about creative thinking among Arab women and their potential for success, and the most beautiful thing I noticed in this conference through my follow up to the discussion sessions is the diversity of Arab nationalities for posts, Some are from Morocco and others from Iraq, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, which reflects the capabilities women in all of these countries, despite obstacles dropouts and other cultural obstacles associated with the wrong mental image of Arab women.
And the natural function of the woman says, because it is half of the society, it believes its natural role and importance because it is the mother that generates the doctor and the engineer and the warrior and the manager, but does not it improve the education of young people to the progress of society, and this is the first function donate Arab women in her performance, and is ranked second interest in science and work and ambition overload Per obstacles and defying the order of arrival of the target, which is looking to achieve.
Chair Dr. Fountains fixed jury in the contest awards Arab women distinctive and which are held periodically in Dubai, says about this experience: »From a practical reality in arbitration in the contest sometimes feel puzzled actually, because there are many contestants features and find a lot of them deserve to win and then we apply the standards more accurately even restrict the number and find the most suitable for the win and better for the prize, all this means that Arab women are able to achieve themselves, but they are waiting for opportunities and as soon as they find opportunities Aburan and Apetkrn and Ahakguen great successes and I personally imagine that the world began to notice that a change has happened, and the fact that Arab women has been absent from the world who has a mental image of old.
And the challenges they have faced are personally during her scientific and academic said: «There are many challenges, challenges exist constantly, this is life and that is the nature, not success without pain as the saying goes Englishman« no pain no gain »It is important to face those challenges and win it, it is my belief that Arab women very distinctive for that point they do not succumb to the challenges, but faces and deal with it until it reaches its goal in the end.
Contemplate Dr. Fountains perimeter of the room that we met them and then look at the sky for a moment and come back to say: «Ten years ago, for example, there were Arab women features and are successful, but did not hear them one because of the weakness of the media, but now world has become a small village and everyone relates to interconnected from the lowest earth to maximum and this contributed to the spread informational promotion for everything in our lives including successes of Arab women, I mean that success is a long time, but modern means of communication have contributed to highlight it.
Before ending her speech directed Dr. Fountains fixed an open letter to Arab women, in which she said: «I tell all Arab woman Tarda dream, Do not leave your goal miss, and Stsalin him no matter how long the time, but not your ambition above the sky, that he found the universe The sky is not the border».

Mohammed Mohsen

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