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Al-Quds article re: Artist Nadia Hekr, WGSF Forum May 2014

English translation:

Artist Nadia Hekr:

Art secretariat must be accompanied by a measure of responsibility
Mohammed Mohsen
JULY 12, 2014

London – «Quds Al-Arabi»: «the whole world Atrqubna now we are Arabs, want to see our art, to pin on us more and thus Art is the secretariat must be accompanied by a measure of responsibility» .. With these words began artist Moroccan Nadia Hekr Speaking with «Quds Al-Arabi» on the sidelines of its participation in a art exhibitions held recently in central London. Nadia Hekr company has contracted with the artists and their works shopping globally, has participated in the exhibition, five plates of all creativity Moroccan artist Hassan Bukhari.
Says: «There are graphic artists and photographers and sculptors in the company’s core mission of our company is to promote Arab art in order to convey a message of Arab art of a high standard to the world, because the Arab region has become remember much in the news as a hotbed of tension and by the problems of terrorism, poverty and corruption, this is no longer a secret one of the Arabs what make our image blurred to a large extent, and therefore the Arab Plastic Art is able to correct that image in order to put things right. We do not fix distortions, but we offer a true picture of net so the world knows that the artists in the Arab world have the vision and philosophy of art and taste high ».
She adds: «The most beautiful thing in our participation International we Nkhtlt with people who have different colors of Arts and this enriches the artistic culture for all participants, and in spite of the high level of the artists of our company, but that these posts serve their art because it is a window to get acquainted with other cultures».
She said: «I grew up in Morocco and this upbringing made ​​me realize the value of Arab culture, then moved two years ago to live in London and here expanded our technical and join us by a large number of artists from Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon and other countries, the artist generally still has a problem promoting his idea or his portrait, and we live an extraordinary period from the date of the Arab world, because we are the focus of attention of the world and everyone wants to know a lot about us this heavy task of cultural dimension is important, the issue is not only related to accounts of profit and loss and sale of paintings and award-winning, in my opinion, Arab art has the task of a major national is correct the erroneous image The world has about Arabs.
Nadia pointed out that it had succeeded in organizing 7 shows different since it came to London two years ago, was perhaps the most important exhibition in the European Development Bank and has received high-level participation of Arab and European countries.
She talked about the arts interested in providing through its exhibitions: «keen on artistic diversity as best I can so that includes all the gallery paintings painting and other watercolor in addition to sculptures and other art forms, this is on the level of form as well as the diversity of content also of ideas with philosophical dimensions, humanitarian and national ».
And concluded: «as a woman of Arab, I can say that I have succeeded, and thankfully at such an early age in spite of all the challenges and the credit goes to God first, because he helped me to choose the right path, and then to my husband because he loves art and helps me a lot and, finally, do not forget preferred my family which gave me the freedom».

Mohammed Mohsen

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