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Sheikha Alyazah girl Nahyan Al Nahyan involved the “spontaneous” in the exhibition in London

Sheikha Alyazah girl Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan recently participated in the exhibition and auction treasures of Fine Art in London, the exhibition, which was held at the Lanesboro Hotel in London, “the successful development of women globally,” Foundation in London and the World gallery of Art in Sharjah organized.

Attended the exhibition, which was organized under the patronage of Sheikha Alyazah Al Nahyan, HE Sulaiman Al Mazroui, UAE Ambassador to the United Kingdom and his wife Zainab Imam Al-Farhan, director of the Foundation and a number of ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions in London and important personalities and those interested in plastic art.

Ran the auction, which devoted part of the proceeds going to the list of humanitarian organizations to support women and children in need in the world Bonhams company World Auctions.

Auction included the paintings of the work of Sheikha Alyazah of “spontaneous” series which embodies the artist meaning of the sense of freedom through the paper plane reviews, to show that flying in the air freely are not taken only after its launch, driven as it is automatic without a destination or a predetermined target.

The message came this group to express the spontaneous spirit and the axis of the philosophical idea that freedom is the automatic key they do not only occur as a natural reaction driven by emotion or motivation without a prior intention.

And spontaneously concrete played Alyazah color Cheerful So I took moving between degrees of green, cyan, yellow and Alohmarwalorda to reflect the movements of the smooth flow of spontaneous process of take-off, aviation, flight, rotation and landing to provide a review of Acrobatia through the works of art provided by the new and varied between three-and four-dimensional ways.

He participated in the exhibition and auction “treasures” a number of artists Emiratis, including: Abdel Qader Al Rais and Sumaya Al Rais and Badr Abbas Salem Al Junaibi and Ali odw, and a number of artists residing in the UAE: Haider al-Qassam spokesman Alusi and the painting of the artist Ahmed Kazem donated by businesswoman Mana names.

The collection World Art gallery Artists: Ihsan Al-Khatib and Amer al-Obeidi and Jamil Hamoudi Ishtar Jamil Hamoudi and a number of paintings of artists whom the artist departed late, God willing, Nuri al-Rawi and the late artist, God willing, Hassan Abd Alwan participated.

He also participated from London Amal al – Zubaidi and Faisal Laibi Mahmoud Hassan and Jane Rezouki, and Egypt artist Magdi Kafrawi, and Qatar hope Atm, and Saudi Arabia Maha hamate, and Yemen artist Acanutoramrabd Aziz, and Spain Patricia Perez, and from Canada Abeer Al – Farhan, and Turkey Oya Bbagar and stings Orgon.
He praised Zainab Al – Farhan Imam , director of «successful Women ‘s Development Foundation globally» Sheikha Alyazah girl Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan exhibition and auction treasures for the second year in a row, which is a milestone in highlighting the role of women ‘s creativity in the field of fine art.

She said: The show at its third accession of new artists not only from the Middle East, but also from Europe, such as Turkey and Spain.

She stressed that the Foundation represents the most important platform for women to support their activities on a large scale and commitment towards it and its work to the public and the international media.

She added: the institution is moving in achieving its mission at a steady pace and is working to highlight the efforts and talents by outstanding artists at the global level, we will continue to march greater enthusiasm for the fourth session and further encouragement and development to support women with respect and appreciation for the artists participating in the exhibition as a whole.

We’re pleased to provide this year’s book, “Wayne Troh” Arab readers residing in the United Kingdom as part of the exhibition and we are proud to donate Sheikha Subha Kheeli book “Wayne Troh” coupled with the signing of its name Karim on the first pages. To share her memories of life in the fifties and sixties of the last century.

The resident artist Ihsan al-Khatib from the “World Riwaq Art” in Sharjah, on the success of the exhibition and auction and achieve its objectives, in particular definition of Emirati art worldwide and said it is our duty to support artists Emiratis and residents and showcase their work outside the UAE domain, and have planned for the launch of the world and we have completed this year, what we started in the previous years with increase the list of artists participating.

The exhibition and auction of selected artists in addition to university holdings with creative value of outstanding artistic paintings, has been selected artworks carefully and received posts very popular by international collectors and art lovers.

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