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Exhibition and auction of treasures in London, a renewed space for the Arab artists and collectors

Abdul Qader Al-Rayes, Faisal Laibi, Mohamed Mundi and a number of other leading Arab artists took part in the third edition of the Arab Art Exhibition and Exhibition in London, which was held in London in cooperation between Ms. Zeinab Al-Imam, Head of the Center for Arab Women’s Development and Iraqi Artist Ihsan Ali Al-Khatib Technically and organizer of the exhibition and auction.

The event is the first to showcase, sell and promote the works of Arab artists on the stage of an international auction such as London.

Preparations for the fourth edition of the exhibition and auction are now underway at the end of next week, nine months after the third session.

In addition to the contributions of veteran artists from a number of Islamic countries, the exhibition and auction of treasures is a good space for young artists.

At a moment like the Arab and Muslim worlds, and the gloomy picture of the media because of what terrorist and obscurantist groups are committing, an important artistic and cultural event, like an exhibition and a treasure trove, reinforces the prestige and monetary recognition of Arab culture in general.

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